viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

Cyborg Music - Buenos Aires in my Mind

Cyborg Music - Buenos Aires in my Mind

1.Buenos Aires in my Mind 09:32
2.Virtual Sonic Cloud 07:09
3.State of Haze 08:45
4.Psy-Om Samsara 08:31

Cyborg Music from Argentina presents:
"Buenos Aires in my Mind", a powerful musical journey
of 34,06 minutes.Four psychedelic tracks with complex
melodies, scifi soundscapes, effects in dark scenes,
exploring new ways of emotional musical spaces.
These songs was composed with high energy surfing
the dark night inspired with the presence of Ghandarvas.


Artist:: GD aka Cyborg Music
Release:: Buenos Aires in my Mind
Genre:: Psychedelic
Tracks:: Four
Play-time:: 34.06 min.
Label:: Cyberpunk Argentina Netlabel
Release Date:: 25/08/2014
Format:: MP3
Bitrate:: VBR kbps
Mode:: Joint Stereo

Released 27 August 2014

Writen and Produced by GD-Cyborg Music

Art Cover by Cyborg

All Rights Reserved © 2014
released 27 August 2014